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Abdominal hernias can be painful, limiting to your lifestyle and dangerous if left untreated. Fortunately, most hernias can be successfuly and permanently repaired with outpatient surgery that allows most patients to return to their normal activities in just a few days.

Hernia Repair Surgeons

The Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama hernia repair surgeons at the Alabama Hernia Center™ are experienced in today's most effective procedures for repairing hernias of the abdominal wall. Hernia surgery is a very common procedure, with 700,000 surgeries performed each year in the United States. Each hernia procedure performed at our accredited outpatient surgery center is carefully planned to produce a successful result based on the patient's specific needs.

Hernia Types and Treatment

Similar to an inner tube in a tire that bulges out, abdominal hernias form because of an opening or weakness in the wall of the abdomen that allows tissue to protrude from within. Besides being painful and inconvenient, hernias are at risk of losing their blood supply and becoming strangulated, an emergency condition that requires surgery.

Surgery is necessary to repair defects in the abdominal wall that allow hernias to form. Our expert Birmingham, Alabama hernia surgeons are experienced in performing both open surgery and a newer, minimally-invasive technique called laparoscopic surgery. Both are outpatient procedures that allow patients to return home later in the day and quickly resume day-to-day activities.

Unmatched Patient Care and Surgical Skills

Our Birmingham, Alabama hernia center serves patients throughout Alabama and the Southeast with the superior skills of our surgeons and an unmatched level of care for each patient. If you are experiencing a bulge in the lower abdomen that you believe may be a hernia, please call 205-980-1744 or send an email today to schedule your consultation for hernia repair surgery.